Delving into this blue sack of surprises is like celebrating Christmas all over again!

With so many “fukubukuro” lucky bags on the market, it can be hard to know which one to spend your hard-earned yennies on. According to our Japanese-language reporters, however, there’s one place that’s perfect for those looking to buy their very first fukubukuro, and that place is called IKEA. The annual lucky bags here are said to be packed with value and filled with useful items that won’t ever go to waste, so let’s take a look at their 2,000 yen (US$17.12) bed-and-bath bag for 2017.

▼ Ten items for 2,000 yen means each one of these products costs just 200 yen!


▼ The OFELIA blanket alone usually retails for 2,299 yen, which is already more than the price of the lucky bag itself.


▼ The other contents included a box of three ÅBYÅN Body Puffs…


▼ A 13 x 18 centimetre (5 x 3 inch) KARSHOLM frame…


▼ A brightly coloured FÖRVANDLA cushion…


▼ A VINTER 2016 quilt and pillow cover set…


▼ A KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger…


▼ An IMMELN mirror…


▼ A DEKAD alarm clock…


▼ 10 ALKALISK alkaline batteries…


▼ And a BONDLIAN tissue box, which usually retails for 999 yen.


In total, these ten products would normally set us back 6,000 yen but instead, we paid just 2,000 yen for everything here. That type of value-for-money makes this one of the best bargain lucky bag buys you can find in Japan!

If you’re keen to feast your eyes on another amazing offering, be sure to take a look at the Swedish brand’s equally impressive kitchen fukubukuro. These are two lucky bags we’ll definitely be lining up for again on opening day next year!

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