“Ohh yiss, ohh yiss, that feels nice.”

Capybaras are no stranger to being cute. We’ve seen them before turn seemingly innocuous situations into cause for squealing in delight, such as taking cover in the rain, or simply stacking capybaras on top of more capybaras.

And now a video from Nagasaki’s Bio Park shows their group of adorable capybaras enjoying one of Japan’s favorite pastimes: bathing in the onsen (hot springs).

▼ First, a still image. You can almost feel the hot water
seeping through that sweet capybara fur.

▼ And now, a video. There’s, uh, not a whole lot more
movement going on than in the photo!

Those capybaras are even more still than most humans when soaking in the onsen. With such polite bathers, it’s no wonder that the Bio Park lets them into the onsen as part of an annual attraction. Every year from December to February, the zoo’s capybaras take a load off in the hot springs, and we can imagine they enjoy it as much as the zoo’s visitors enjoy watching them.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter responded to the video:

“They’re not even blinking. Amazing.”
“I don’t see any difference between the photo and video….”
“Are the capybaras trying to do a mannequin challenge?”

Of course, Nagasaki’s Bio Park isn’t the only place in Japan with onsen-loving capybaras. The most popular one is Izu Shaboten Zoo in Shizuoka, which has individual and group capybara baths, capybara citrus baths, and capybara flower baths too.

And if you really want to get up close and personal to the bathing capybaras, Nasu Animal Kingdom in Tochigi Prefecture lets you enjoy a side-by-side bathing experience with them.

Source: Twitter/@ngsbiopark via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@ngsbiopark