capybara on head (3)

The most capybara per square capybara you’ve ever seen.

By now we’re used to seeing capybaras acting adorable when they do pretty much anything. Whether they’re taking shelter from the rain, showing off their brood, or even going to the bathroom together, those round, fuzzy animals have managed to make pretty much everything cute.

So now capybara-lovers have had to step up their game in order to keep the capybara cuteness-levels high. And the best place to start? By stacking capybaras on top of each other.

(The original tweet is not available,
but here’s a translation from the internet archives.)

Me: “Can I put a Capybara-san on the capybara?”
Zookeeper: “Uh, sure?”

▼ The real capybara giving Capybara-san, Japan’s lovable capybara mascot,
a curious sniff. Will it be okay wearing it?

capybara on head (4)

▼ “Yup. This is fine.”

capybara on head (2)

▼ “Actually, this thing is pretty nice. Gives my head some shade.”

capybara on head (3)

▼ “Oh, this is mine now, by the way, in case you were curious. Thanks!”

capybara on head (1)

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the capybara-on-capybara action:

“Oh my god… so cute… *faints*”
“I like how it doesn’t even care about what’s on its head.”
“Is this a common thing to happen to this capybara?”
“Capybaras carry their kids on their backs, so it’s probably used to it.”
“D’aww, I want one of my own!”

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Source: Twitter/@neranai_wasabi via Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/@neranai_wasabi