And if you think it looks cute like this, wait until you see it from a different angle.

In much of the West, describing a professional undertaking as “cute” can imply a sort of disdain for the project’s unrefined or childish characteristics. That’s not really the case in Japan, though.

Here, companies long ago decided to go all-in on the concept of using cuteness to enhance their marketing campaigns. As you might expect from its playful name, Osaka-based pet food maker DoggyMan can really get behind this philosophy, but rather than just design a loveable mascot character to serve as spokesperson for its good and services, DoggyMan decided to go for cuteness on an even bigger scale.

Just how big? Five stories tall.

Japanese Twitter user @jamchain recently shared some snapshots of DoggyMan’s Kansai Logistics Center, which is located in Osaka’s Izumisano City. With roughly 8,195 square meters (88,210 square feet) of floor space sitting on a lot with ample parking, the facility looks plenty big enough to handle the task of keeping clients’ shelves stocked with dog food. But more importantly, it’s shaped like a giant wiener dog.

Honestly though, it only looks like a Dachshund from certain angles. From others…

…it looks like three Dachshunds, with a parent accompanied by its two pups!

The building was designed by Toky0-based architectural firm, which also created Osaka’s Park Tower and the Nikkei building in Tokyo. The architect’s attention to detail is adorably truly impressive, as the DoggyMan logistics center even has a gently curved extension that protrudes from the wall where the Dachshunds’ tails should be.

Although construction on the building finished in 2011, @jamchain, an Osaka resident, had never noticed the clever design until a few days ago, despite driving right past it multiple times. It’s further proof that whenever you’re out and about in Japan, you shoul always keep your eyes peeled for a massive dose of cuteness that’s staring you right in the face.

Building information
DoggyMan Kansai Logistics Center / ドギーマン関西ロジスティクスセンター
Address: Osaka-fu, Izumisano-shi, Sumiyoshi-cho 31-11

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Source: Kinisoku
Top image: Google