Once again, Krispy Kreme gives us a line of doughnuts that are way too cute to eat!

That’s right, Sesame Street and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan have teamed up to turn some of TV’s most beloved characters into tasty treats, and the results look as sweet as can be.

▼ It’s Krispy Kreme meets Sesame Street!

According to the released information, three Sesame Street characters will be offered as doughnuts later this month, which certainly sounds like a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular children’s show that began airing in 1969.

Here’s a closer look at the three adorable Sesame Street doughnuts.

● The “Elmo Custard” doughnut

This doughnut is coated with strawberry chocolate and covered with red sprinkles to recreate Elmo’s red fur. The eyes are made with pieces of white and bitter chocolate, with a large drop of fruit sauce placed in the center as the nose, and the mouth is drawn with a line of chocolate. And of course we can’t forget the vanilla-infused custard cream filling inside the doughnut!

● The “Cookie & Cookie Monster” doughnut

This ring-shaped doughnut, without any filling, is covered with vanilla cream containing crunchy cookie crumbs, and topped with blue sprinkles to recreate Cookie Monster’s blue appearance. Naturally, there had to be a cookie to complete Cookie Monster’s look, so a small chocolate-chip cookie is placed in the doughnut hole, making it look like he’s gobbling up his favorite treat!

● The “Big Bird Pudding” doughnut

This brightly colored doughnut, also without filling, is coated with a custard pudding-flavored chocolate and topped with buttercrunch crumbles to give it the appearance of Big Bird’s feathers. The colorful eyes are made with white chocolate, and the beak is made with sweet castella sponge cake.

The Sesame Street doughnuts will be available in boxes of one dozen, half a dozen, or three pieces, with the dozen set coming in a specially designed Sesame Street box.

▼ The dozen box is priced at 1,800 yen (US$16.50). Supply is limited, so you may want to get yours sooner than later.

▼ The “Sesame Street Dozen Half” box contains six doughnuts for 1,130 yen.

▼ And if you want just the Sesame Street doughnuts, there’s the three-piece “Sesame Street Box” priced at 720 yen.

The Sesame Street doughnuts will be sold at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts locations across Japan from February 20 to mid-April.

As used as we are to seeing irresistibly cute offerings from Krispy Kreme, these doughnuts should still be a delightful treat for fans of both Sesame Street and sweets, so do check them out if you’re in Japan this spring!

Source: Nikkei press release, Kispy Kreme Doughnuts release
Top image: Nikkei press release
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