If you want to enjoy a larger-than-life doughnut in Japan this winter season, hurry and place your order with Mister Donut now!

With Halloween over, things really are starting to look Christmasy here in Japan, and doughnuts are no exception. And starting from November 16, Christmas is coming in many tasty-looking forms at popular doughnut chain Mister Donut, including one that’s super-sized and guaranteed to put a matching large smile on your face.

It’s the “Big Donut“, made in the same shape as their popular Pon de Ring doughnut, and it measures 18 centimeters (7 inches) in diameter! You can see in the picture below how big it is compared to a regular Pon de Ring doughnut.


The Big Donut is made of eight round sections connected together in a circle to create a flower-like shape, and it even comes with an adorable Pon de Ring snowman decoration in the center, which definitely adds to the festive atmosphere. And that’s not all, each of the eight sections contains one of either regular whipped cream, custard cream, strawberry shipped cream, or chocolate whipped cream. To top it all off, the surface is artfully decorated with powdered sugar, chocolate, and whipped cream. The doughnut will be priced at 864 yen (US$8) and is available by pre-order only.

▼ Take a look at the four different creams hiding inside the doughnut!


Other Holiday Season offerings this year from Mister Donut include the Christmas versions of the small, round Donut Pops, priced at 37 yen each or in packages of eight for 270 yen, 16 for 520 yen or 24 for 760 yen.


They’ll also have Snoopy doughnuts in two flavors, white chocolate and strawberry chocolate, as well as cute regular-sized Pon de Ring doughnuts decorated as wreaths in white chocolate, chocolate, and cranberry flavors.


In addition to the above, they’ll also be offering doughnuts filled with strawberry whipped cream and chocolate whipped cream especially for the Holiday Season.

The Christmas doughnuts will be on sale from November 16 to December 25, except for the white chocolate Snoopy doughnut, which is already on sale, as it was previously released for the Halloween season.

So, for some cute and sweet nourishment this winter, Mister Donut is certainly one place you can turn to. And if you want to try the seven-inch Big Donut, again it’s available by pre-order only, so make sure to place your order by phone or at your nearest Mister Donut shop.

Source: Mister Donut website Christmas Campaign page 
Top image: Mister Donut website
Insert images: Mister Donut website Christmas Campaign page