Attack unruly hairs like an RPG character with beautiful battle-worthy equipment!

If you’re a game character setting out on a legendary quest, there are two things you can’t do without: a strong shield and an awesome sword. One Japanese designer kept this simple arsenal in mind when it came to designing everyday equipment in the real world, giving birth to the awesome new “Tweezers of Legend” that come in a number of fantastic designs.


▼ The intricate swords and shields boast precision accuracy while being lightweight at the same time.



Along with the “legendary” sword (left) and “master” sword designs, there are a number of other different possibilities for sword shape and design.


This sword adds some sleek lines with a curved pommel and some cut-out work inside.


The latest design has a classic rounded pommel shape.


Each of the tweezers are currently costing the craftsman 7,500 yen (US$73.43) to produce, but he aims to decrease the price to roughly 3,500 yen upon mass production, which he is aiming to get going with an upcoming campaign on Kickstarter.


While the designer’s website is currently under construction, if you’d like to order a pair or pledge your support, you can contact him on Twitter for more information.


Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@fuuuwa