There’s plenty of skin on display, but not from where most people were expecting.

Cosplay fans are often drawn to the work of their favorite costumers because of the display of talent in clothing design, makeup, posing, and photography. Those are all fields which Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @co04201025 can claim proficiency in, as evidenced by this series of selfies in which @co04201025 cosplays as multiple characters from magical girl anime Sailor Moon.

However, there’s no denying that a portion of cosplay fans show up to catch glimpses of the exposed flesh of cosplayers who aren’t shy about showing off their physiques. So it’s not surprising that when @co04201025 shared the following photos on Twitter, a lot of people’s eyeballs were grabbed by what they thought was a generous display of bounteous breasts.

However, regular followers of @co04201025 creative endeavors were probably a little confused, since the cosplayer doesn’t ordinarily appear to be quite as busty as in these photos. And yes, it turns out that the photos were doctored to create a more buxom appearance, but not by using digital processing to enlarge @co04201025 breasts, but to replace them with something else entirely.

Those aren’t boobs peeking out from under the dress. They’re @co04201025’s butt cheeks.

Let’s take another look at the photos. On the far left, we see the finished product, and the original photo of @co04201025’s chest is placed next to that, as the uppermost of the three smaller photographs. Directly underneath that is a shot of @co04201025’s bare buttocks, which was then cropped and overlaid onto the picture of the cosplayer’s chest, with a bit of tinkering done to the image transparency levels to help smooth out the editing seams.

▼ @co04201025’s butt is presented in a more straightforward manner in this Darkstalkers Morrigan cosplay.

@co04201025’s butt-to-boobs trick fooled plenty of people, but a few eagle-eyed Twitter users realized something was up when, while admiring the view, they noticed some straw hairs.

While women can indeed get hair on their chests, the specific quality of the strands seen here tipped some admirers off that this was, in fact, @co04201025’s backside they were gazing upon. But perhaps that’s just another reason it’s polite not to stare too intently at what you think is cleavage, even if it’s actually something else.

Source: Togech, Twitter/@co04201025