Their amazing speed has them joining the ranks of other incredible record-holding skippers from Japan.

Jumping rope is great way to keep fit, but for some, it’s a sport with world records that need to be smashed. In Japan, a number of dedicated skipping enthusiasts are proving they have what it takes to rewrite the record books, with several people receiving Guinness World Record titles in the country over the past year.

The newest title holders are a group of 14 young students from Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School in Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, who recently achieved the Most skips over a single rope in one minute by a team.

Take a look at their world-record performance below:

The students jumped over the rope at incredibly fast speeds, chanting and running in a figure-of-eight formation for maximum efficiency.

Two members of the team swung the rope while the other 12 members leapt over it, setting an impressive new record of 225 skips, with each skipper jumping over the rope more than 18 times. This beat the previous record of 217 skips, achieved by Hiromi Elementary School in Japan back in 2013.

The young pupils aren’t the only ones smashing skipping records in Japan, with Sadatoshi Watanabe successfully completing the Most skips over a 10-metre rope in 30 seconds and Most bum skips in 30 seconds.

Take a look at Watanabe’s impressive skills here:

Watanabe, who loves skipping so much he dreams about it at night, achieved 20 skips with the 10-metre long rope, equalling the previous record set by his friend, Hijiki Ikuyama. He also managed an impressive 104 bum skips, which was a painful sight to behold!

Ayumi Sakamaki, from Japanese Double Dutch team Diana also broke the record for Most Double Dutch-style skips in 30 seconds, with an incredible display of extreme speed skipping.

▼ The amazing speed of Sakamaki’s feet led her to set a record of 129 skips.

These inspiring videos are a great example of what’s possible when you combine a dream with determination, stamina, and practice, practice, practice.

As for us, we’ll be leaving record-breaking events like these to the experts, unless there’s a chance the Guinness World Records team would like to add Most noodles eaten in a burger to their list of titles. If that’s the case, Mr Sato is ready and waiting to take up the challenge.

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