Coordination and fitness are just a hop, step, and jump away.

It’s alway important to stay in shape and with our busy lives, using a jump rope can be a great way to get some quick calorie-burning activity in. It’s not without its problems though, such as a lack of space to use one or, in the case of our writer Masanuki Sunakoma, a lack of friends willing to swing the rope around because he’s too lazy.


“Hey, Mr. Sato! Wanna come do some Double Dutch with me?”



“No, sorry. I’m too busy being an adult. Good bye.”



“Bye… Poop Butt.”



Weird problems call for weird solutions, and no company is better at providing weird solutions than Akihabara-based gadget producer Thanko, also known as “the world’s most interesting goods store” by their marketing department. It was here that he purchased the Electric Rope Spinner for 5,980 yen (US$44).

Unlike conventional jump ropes, this device harnesses the awesome power of machinery to allow you to get a good workout. 

Setup was a breeze and just involved screwing the two rubber ropes into their sockets on the rotator.

The device itself charges by plugging into an outlet but it also comes with a remote control that requires one CR2032 coin cell battery sold separately. As luck would have it, Masanuki happened to have one on him.

Our reporter eagerly read about the Electric Rope Spinner’s important functions in the manual. The rotation speed is adjustable to ten levels and there’s an automatic counter freeing your brain up from tedious arithmetic to focus on jumping.

Although it’s safe and compact enough to use at home, Masanuki felt kind of weird doing that so he took it out to a nearby park where all the best skipping action happens.

The manual recommends starting with just one rope but he felt confident enough to go straight to two at the lowest speed setting.

The Electric Rope Spinner works on almost the exact same principle as a weed whacker, only instead of viciously tearing the flesh from his shins, it spins more gently to provide him the opportunity to strengthen his shins. It’s funny how much difference a small adjustment in speed can make.

That being said, when he uses the remote to turn up the speed, this thing can get going at a pretty brisk pace.

With his hands free, Masanuki was given the ability to focus on his feet which made him realize how good this was for training his sense of rhythm as well as his muscles.

Once he got into a groove, he even tried out a variety of fancy footwork.

However, be careful not to get carried away like Masanuki did and speed up your Electric Rope Spinner beyond your capabilities.

Thanko also recommends using it with a friend standing on the opposite side in a type of jumping battle game. That was something Masanuki wanted to try out too.


“Hey, Mr. Sato! Wanna…”




“Booger face…”



Regardless, the Electric Rope Spinner is wholesome and healthy fun for all ages and surprisingly practical for a Thanko item.

Source: Thanko
Photos © SoraNews24
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