The peek-a-boo details on the back are said to be particularly thrilling for a certain subset of Japanese fetishists.

Trends may come and go, but sailor suits never go out of style in Japan. The popular schoolgirl look glorified in the worlds of manga and anime has inspired dresses, pyjamas, wearable blankets and water bottle covers in the real world, and there’s even swimwear for those who want to take a dip in school uniforms too.

Now there’s a brand new two-piece for the pool that’s causing a mini sensation, with details so fetching the garment’s producer sold out of stock in just two days.

Simply called “Sailor Beachwear“, the cute bikini was released by No. S Project, a Japanese fashion label that’s already made a name for themselves with anime-style skirts and mini petticoats designed to protect your privates from prying eyes.

Now, No. S Project aims to cover up your privates at the beach while playing peek-a-boo at the same time with some interesting details that are sending people in Japan into a frenzy.

Firstly, there’s the top, which looks like somebody has shrunk a sailor suit blouse in all the right places, leaving just the sailor collar and two figure-hugging cups, which are enticingly pulled together at the centre with a red tie in place of a ribbon.

▼ From behind, the back is exposed, with the collar laid out across bare skin.

The bottom half of the garment is designed to look like a skirt, but from behind, you can see it includes a pair of striped bottoms, which play peek-a-boo with people passing by.

The excitement that comes with catching a brief glimpse of a woman’s underwear or exposed flesh, something that’s often depicted in Japanese manga and anime, has been given a term called “chira-rism“.

Chira“, a Japanese word that represents a glance or glimpse, is most often used in reference to “panchira“, a portmanteau of “panty” and “chira“. The seductive tie-up bustline and striped pants in this sailor suit outfit are said to provide the ultimate dream garment for fans of “chira-rism”.

It turns out that fans have in fact gone wild for the swimwear, with both the white and navy versions selling out less than 48 hours after its 23 June release.

Given the swimwear’s immense popularity, despite its high price tag of 17,820 yen (US$160), it’s highly likely that the garment will be back in stock soon.

▼ Fingers crossed they bring out more of these bikinis soon, complete with their cute see-through carry bags.

If you’re keen to take a dip in the sailor suit swimsuit this summer, be sure to check back at the official online store and stockists like Village Vanguard for updates on availability.

If you’re too impatient to wait, though, fetishist brand Moira Design has some more demure sailor suit swimwsuits for you to choose from!

Source: Net Lab
Images: No. S Project

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