Fans can’t wait to purchase the new design.

Last year, after falling in love with the hanten parka, which combined the shape of a traditional kimono coat with the comfort of a hoodie, it wasn’t long before we were introduced to another great garment called the Furisode Sweater.

Both of these kimono-sleeved designs were born from the creative mind of Japanese illustrator Kagetsu, who tweeted out illustrations of the garments before they were picked up and put into production with hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns run by Japanese company Mocolle.

Now the artist is back with a brand new design that has fans everywhere crossing their fingers for another crowdfunding campaign, and this time it’s a kimono mashup with one of Japan’s most iconic outfits: the sailor suit school uniform.

Looking at the images, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the details of this new design. While the top features beautiful long kimono-style sleeves, the skirt takes its inspiration from traditional hakama pants, which have exposed sides on the hips. Underneath the two-piece uniform is a long white undershirt, commonly worn under kimono, with a red scarf acting as the bow on a school uniform to finish.

Within hours of posting her designs online, Kagetsu’s tweet quickly went viral, racking up over 54,000 likes and 14,000 retweets in less than a day, along with plenty of cryface emojis from fans who desperately want this item in their closet.

“This is like the school uniform of my dreams!”
“I’d love to go to school in this.”
“Can you design a summer version next?”
“OMG what about a male school uniform version?”
“Please, please, please may this be put into production! I need this in my life!”

Given the huge success of Mocolle’s collaborations with Kagetsu in the past, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this kimono sailor suit school uniform becomes available in the real world soon. It’ll be a perfect addition to our already-bulging wardrobe, slotting in nicely between our Taisho Roman outfits and that other sailor suit kimono we bought in 2017.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@haruharu_sunny