Fortunately for these bad husbands, no “shinigami” death gods seem involved…yet.

In popular Japanese anime/manga (and later this year Netflix-made English-language movie) Death Note, the protagonist Light Yagami discovers a notebook belonging to a shinigami, a god of death. By writing someone’s name into the notebook, he can choose how and when that person dies.

And for a group of Japanese wives stuck in loveless marriages, an Internet blog entitled “Danna Shine” (literally “Husband, Die!“) has become their personal “Death Note.”

Since December 2014, the blog and its accompanying Twitter page have provided an outlet for women to vent their murderous frustrations. Here are some examples:

▼ “I’ve reached my limit. If this keeps up, I’m going to become a murderer.
Please. Remove him from this world, even one day sooner.
Give his remaining lifespan to someone who wants to live.”

▼ “[I hope] you and your mistress meet with an accident and die!
You’ve never even once given me money to live on, you piece of garbage.
Why won’t you hurry up and die?”

This is followed by her telling him to die, a full 16 times. We move on.

▼ “If you really have to visit a brothel when I’m away visiting my family, please at least use a fake name.
You pretend you’re a good dad but you have no connection with your kids.
You keep going on about how you’re busy at work, how you’re the perfect man.
Your sudden need to visit the gym and tanning salons makes me feel sick.”

▼ Menfolk, don’t get too comfortable.

While the Danna Shine site and Twitter feed may provide an outlet for these women to voice their complaints, it’s disheartening that these women feel so trapped in their marriages that they have no other recourse but to wish for their partner’s death.

So, husbands, prospective husbands, and for that matter wives, take note. Before any shinigami do…

Source: Twitter/wifekodoku
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