Many fans say anime isn’t for little kids, but this cosplay solution makes use of something that is.

Summer is here, which for anime fans means two things: anime conventions, and profuse sweating that comes with walking around anime convention venues. While intense perspiration is generally unpleasant for anyone, it presents a special dilemma for cosplayers.

Cosplay may be a contraction of “costume” and “play,” but for many makeup is also a key part of their cosplay project, and all the time and effort can go to waste as sweat pours down your face and ruins your careful cosmetics application. However, Japanese Twitter user @_polyamorphism says she’s learned a way to prevent this problem.

“A cosplayer told me ‘After you finish putting on your makeup, you use a cotton puff to apply baby powder all over your face, until you have a faint white layer. Then apply water to your face with a spray bottle and, using a tissue, softly mix the water into the baby powder. Do this, and your makeup won’t get messed up when you sweat.”

Of course, the technique’s usefulness isn’t limited to cosplay. @_polyamorphism herself, for example isn’t a costuming enthusiast, but a baseball fan. She says she’s tried the baby powder trick herself, her makeup stayed on as applied even during the harsh heat of a summer afternoon at the ball park.

Still, this technique seems especially well-suited to cosplayers, such as Twitter user @sinya0823sato.

“I’m a cosplayer! Baby powder is inexpensive, and you can count on it having the effect [@_polyamorphism] mentioned! Since it’s originally made for babies, it’s gentle on the skin, and at Summer Comiket it’s incredibly useful.”

Just don’t forget the deodorant too, since your fellow con-goers will appreciate your nice smell as much as your nice makeup.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso