With their mother also looking unbelievably young, Taiwanese media are calling them “the family of frozen ages”.

Ageing gracefully is something we all aspire to, but for some of us, all the anti-ageing creams in the world can’t hide the onset of fine lines and wrinkles that reveal our true age as we get older.

One family in Taiwan, however, appears to be drinking from the fountain of youth, as their stunning good looks totally defy their ages. Their beauty, which has been causing a sensation in their home country and abroad, first came to everyone’s attention when photos of interior designer and fashion blogger Lure Hsu started appearing online.

▼ Can you guess her age?

People around the world tend to assume that Hsu is in her early 20s. So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when they learn that she’s actually 41 years old.

Just as Lure started making news for her age-defying beauty, the world was then introduced to the Taiwanese girl’s two sisters, who also look astonishingly young for their age.

▼ Lure’s youngest sister, Sharon, is a 36-year-old actress.

FayFay, who just turned 40 years old, is a mother of two daughters, aged 8 and 10, but when they go out together, she’s often mistaken for their sister rather than their mother.

Sharon, FayFay and Lure say the secret to their young look is in their diet, which consists of vegetables and lots of water every day. They’re also quick to credit the genes they inherited from their mother, who at the age of 63, looks decades younger than she really is.

▼ Their mother (centre) is a retired dancer.

According to the sisters, their 74-year-old father looks young for his age as well, but prefers not to appear in photos because “he’s shy”. With his good-looking family attracting looks from passers-by wherever they go, we can understand his desire for anonymity!

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Featured image: Instagram/lurehsu

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