We get ourselves a facelift for less than ten dollars and look instantly younger

And all it took was a few strips of tape!

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Beautiful Taiwanese sisters astound the world with their youthful good looks【Photos】

With their mother also looking unbelievably young, Taiwanese media are calling them “the family of frozen ages”.

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Beer Helps Keep Muscles Strong in Old Age… If You Drink 83 Litres a Day

A research team from Tokushima University discovered that a substance found in hops can prevent the deterioration of muscle tissue.  The breaking down of muscles in old age is a leading cause of elderly people being confined to a bed.

This is great news if only a beer or two would do the trick.  Unfortunately, to harness the anti-aging effects of ale you’d have to drink enough to kill you several times over.

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Researchers Identify Protein Responsible for the Effects of Aging, Rather than a Fountain of Youth, We May Need a Syphon of Old

A research group headed by Professor Kazunari Komuro at Osaka University believes they have found the chemical responsible for effects of aging like deterioration of muscles.

The nasty chemical responsible for making us old and frail is called C1q. Being able to regulate it in our bodies can possibly lead to treatments and prevention of more serious health problems like heart attacks and strokes.

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