No shirt, no shoes, no service? More like no shirt, shoes, and fan service.

Hiroshi Tanahashi is a hunk. Currently in his second reign as the IWGP Intercontinental Champion with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, it’s not only his bulging pecs and triceps that make the ladies swoon, but also his perfect beach-wave hair and chiselled features. He also makes appearances on Japanese television.

“Why keep that all to himself?” his managers thought when planning his latest handshake event for fans, as they came to the decision to make him show up in as little clothing as possible.


On July 8, Hiroshi Tanahashi held special “Naked Apron” handshake events in Shibuya and Yokohama Loft stores wearing only a Loft employee’s yellow apron on his upper body. While his lower half was covered by jeans, his breathtaking pecs, abs, and biceps were open for all customers to witness. Lucky for all of us, some fans who attending the event snapped some photos.

Your ‘naked apron’ is amazing!
“Does it look ok? Are my nipples showing?”
He’s cute even when he’s worrying about his nipples.
I love yo~u!”

▼ It would have been nice if the camera was pointed a liiittle lower…

▼ Oh, he’s wearing jeans. Sad face.

▼ Someone even managed to get a video of his manly voice and muscle-flexing action.

Japanese netizens’ reactions to the revealing event were just as we expected: mixed but hilarious. Their reactions ranged from a simple “You look awesome!” to “Who even thought of this?”

“You’re crazy for thinking a ‘naked apron’ would look cool.”
“Yellow looks really good on you!”
“I’d definitely get in your line. You balanced the apron perfectly without letting your boobs show.”
“It just looks weird to me.”
“How much does that apron cost?”

Indeed, how much would you pay for an apron that graced a pro-wrestlers chest? Who knows – with a future as shining as Tanahashi’s, there are undoubtedly going to be more of such events. Maybe he’ll auction it off next time!

Source: Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@tanahashi1_100