Is this an ordinary apartment building, or is the water trying to tell us something?

Japanese Twitter users have brilliant imaginations, especially when it comes to horror and suspense. They can take almost any scene and warp it into something absolutely soul-chilling. For example, Twitter user @nomorehole2 uploaded this snapshot he took while out on a walk.

▼ “This apartment building looks peaceful at first glance, but it looks like a picture that would be shown when some horrific event happens inside.

If you only glance at the top of the photo, yeah, it seems perfectly normal. But when you look into the water, you see something totally different. That, paired with the amount of space (where no one can hear you scream) around the building unsettles the soul.

In all probability, it’s just wind blowing across the surface of the water in front of the building, distorting the otherwise normal reflection. But, of course, that explanation isn’t satisfying enough for the imagination. That’s when other Japanese Twitter users stepped in.

▼ “If this was used as a book cover, this is probably how they’d do it.” (Image text) “Bla bla bla

▼ “How about something like this?

▼ “It looks like the Mario & Luigi 3 title screen.

Some Twitter users even went so far as to create the start to this horror story in the making.

▼ “You haven’t been able to get a hold of your friend in a few days. Worried, you go over to the apartment where he lives. It stands in the center of the lot. Nothing in particular looks different.

Maybe we’re all thinking into this a bit too much. But, who knows? This could indeed be the inspiration for Japan’s next great horror story.

Source: Togech
Featured image:  Twitter/@nomorehole2