Does the tricky titillation tee work as advertised?

Over the course of their careers, Japanese entertainers and media personalities often develop a signature bit that they’re associated with throughout their careers. In the case of Inagasaki Sakura, her shtick is appearing on variety shows and other TV programs while cosplaying and doing impressions of Asuka from anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, generally in the character’s jumper skirt schoolgirl uniform.

In a recent video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the 33-year-old Sakura once again is drawing eyes to her wardrobe, but this time she’s not riding the coattails of a popular animate character. Instead, she’s modeling Japan’s new Illusion Grid Delusion Mapping T-shirt, also known as “the T-shirt that uses optical illusions to make it look like the wearer has big boobs.”

The roughly seven-minute video starts with Sakura receiving her shirt in the mail from novelty retailer Village Vanguard (which is selling the shirt online here). As she holds the garment up for the camera, the slender-torsoed Kobe native says her actual bust size is right in-between A and H cups, insinuating that she has a D-cup chest, before having a coughing fit she attributes to “the lie getting caught in her throat,” implying that she’s actually not even that chesty.

So how much can the shirt visually enhance one’s chest? Sakura changes into the special tee at the video’s 2:30 mark…

…and the effect is startlingly dramatic. As the giddy Sakura gushes over how soft and comfortable the all-cotton shirt is, it becomes gradually harder to remember that she’s actually far less buxom than she now appears to be.

The illusion is strongest, though, when viewed from directly ahead. When Sakura begins rotating around at the 4:15 mark…

…things become increasing less convincing the closer things get to a side-profile shot.

But as long as she’s facing the camera, it’s hard to tell she’s getting an optical illusion assist to her bustiness. Granted, as she begins bouncing up and down for an exercise routine at the 5;20 point…

…there’s a distinct lack of jiggling, but one could fib and say that’s just the result of a very secure and supportive athletic bra.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: YouTube/桜 稲垣早希チャンネル
Insert images: Village Vanguard