ekoD Works

Cover commanding Japan “stop staring at smartphones and read a book” doesn’t really hate tech

Contents are actually an ironic jab at Japan’s holier-than-though critics of digital media consumption.

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Want big breasts? We try the Japanese optical illusion shirt that gives anyone a large bust

One woman and five men with different physiques show how much your breasts can grow with just one T-shirt.

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Celebrity cosplayer tests Japan’s new breast-enhancing optical illusion T-shirt【Video】

Does the tricky titillation tee work as advertised?

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D-cup duplicity: Japanese T-shirt uses optical illusion to give breasts to even the flat-chested

Clever design takes advantage of artistic perspective, coloring, and men’s constant desire to see boobs.

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Cover your cheeks in a pair of peach bottom tights from Japan

This Japanese company wants fashionistas to store fruit under their skirts this winter.

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Trick art rompers are back to turn your child into three new animals, complete with airy bottoms

For when you finally get tired of staring at a cat tail coming out of the back of your child.

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Trick art Japanese romper suits simulate a cute kitty tail and airy backside for your baby

Designer hoping parents will come for the cat tail, stay for the baby bottom.

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The amount of attention the “boob sweater/shirt” has received is mind-boggling. Well, not that mind-boggling when you consider what the sweater accentuates; if you want to garner some attention on the Internet, what’s under your shirt is a quick way to do that, and that goes for both men and women!

For those who aren’t as confident about what is underneath your shirt, variety store Village Vanguard has just the thing for you. We aren’t really sure when you will find the occasion to wear a shirt like this, but when it does happen, naturally, you will be ready.

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From D-Cup T-Shirts to Nostril Power Outlets — the Creative Clowning of Takayuki Fukuzawa

Quirky Japanese designer Takayuki Fukuzawa is on a mission to make people smile.

A graduate of Tokyo’s Nihon University, Fukuzawa started designing his own unique brand of “humourous art and design” products not long after entering full-time employment as a home designer. After bringing smiles to exhibition attendees’ faces and realising that he might be on to something, he quickly established his own company, ekoD Works (pronounced “eco doh”), and hasn’t looked back since.

Japan’s Excite News sat down with Fukuzawa to pick his brains about his unusual product line-up, the meaning behind the company name and the runaway success of his mercilessly cheeky “Wild Idea Mapping red Bra T-shirt”.

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