The ferocious wolf goddess is reduced to an adorable fluffy puppy, but we’re not complaining.

Studio Ghibli films have captured the hearts of many with enthralling tales of witches, gods and spirits, inspiring legions of cosplayers to come up with impressive costumes and spread the magic to the world.

But just as impressive as the cosplays are the photographers who bring the creations to the Internet. Dallas Nagata White is one such photographer/costume-maker who hails from Hawaii, and in a series of pictures paying homage to Princess Mononoke, we can tell she has a knack for it.

Princess Mononoke is a tale of a brutal struggle between gods, mortals, and a fearsome wolf spirit Moro guided by a human girl called San. It’s not easy to incorporate animals into cosplay, let alone a ferocious wolf goddess, but Dallas managed to pull this off nicely with some impressive canine assistance: her own dog.

▼ Featured here is Daria modeling as San,
a jewelry designer who dabbles in cosplay.

In place of grim-looking, Moro is a cuddly Japanese Spitz by the name of Kodachrome.

▼ Kodachrome’s cosplay debut

Dallas’ love for drawing drove her to pursue an arts degree in university, after which she took up a camera and embarked on a lifelong journey in fashion and lifestyle photography. Her appreciation for all things related to pop culture, video games, comics, and movies led her to begin cosplay photography. Before she knew it, Dallas had already begun crafting costumes of anime and game characters.

There’s no stopping this multi-talented Hawaiian though, as she’s currently studying fashion in hopes of creating a sci-fi and fantasy-inspired clothing brand someday.

Her line of work certainly presents some challenges. “Lots of ideas pop up in my head every day, and I struggle to implement them all in the real world,” Dallas said in an interview. “I really enjoy the process of capturing the spirit of the character whenever I do cosplay-photography.”

▼ With so much detail in her costumes, we couldn’t agree more.

▼ If Moro looked like this in the anime,
things would have been very different.

Here’s hoping that Dallas will continue working on more Studio Ghibli cosplay projects involving Kodachrome the puppy. Seeing how effortlessly the duo pulled off a cute Moro, we reckon they would absolutely nail Totoro or a fluffy soot sprite, and give other cosplaying dogs a run for their money.

Source, images: Dallas Nagata White Photography, Instagram/dallasnagata
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