Add some Ghibli magic to your wardrobe with three new official outfits.

If you’ve always wanted to cosplay as a Studio Ghibli heroine but don’t have time to fashion up a brilliant ensemble, there’s now an easier alternative, thanks to a new series of loungewear called “Ghibli Heroine’s Dress“.

The three new outfits in the range are being officially released by Studio Ghibli through its chain of related Donguri Kyowakoku merchandise stores, so you can expect them to be high-quality products filled with loads of neat details.

▼ They’re also selling matching hair accessories too.

▼ The first outfit in the series is dedicated to Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle.

The “Soaring To The Sky Reunion Dress” is designed to conjure up memories of the magical moment when main characters Sophie and Howl fly through the sky together.

Image: Studio Ghibli

The dress has been replicated in a slightly more muted tone, with a relaxed fit to help you feel comfortable while channelling the heroine’s strong yet compassionate character around the home.

A nod to Sophie and Howl’s relationship is kept close to the heart, with the rings they wear in the movie beautifully embroidered on the chest.

Completing the outfit is a matching scrunchie (1,650 yen [US$11.40]), which features the same pattern as Howl’s cloak from the movie.

Image: Studio Ghibli

▼ Fire spirit Calcifer (seen in the image above), makes a starring appearance on the scrunchie.

▼ Next up, we have an outfit dedicated to Sheeta from Laputa: Castle In the Sky.

This outfit is called “First Job on the Tiger Moth“, in reference to the scene where Dola, captain of the Tiger Moth airship, puts Sheeta to work in the kitchen.

Image: Studio Ghibli

Kitchen chores won’t seem so bad when you’re wearing this ensemble, which includes a set of wide-leg palazzo-style pants embroidered with images from the opening scene…

▼…and a top embroidered with an image of the magical Levistone pendant.

▼ Handy for clutching and calling out “Barusu!” when the housework gets too much.

Completing the look is “Sheeta’s Hairband” (2,200 yen), inscribed with the heroine’s full name, Lucita Toelle Ur Laputa, the True Queen of Laputa.

▼ The final outfit in the range is an homage to the titular character from Princess Mononoke.

Called the “Hear The Sound Of The Forest One-piece“, this navy blue “one-piece”, as dresses are called in Japan, features a beautiful wolf pattern.

Wolves also appear on the included tunic, which is designed to be worn over the dress to replicate Princess Mononoke’s serious and dignified look in the movie.

Pair it with a mask and some warpaint, and you’re ready to take on any flatmates or family members who might commit environmentally unfriendly acts in the home.

Image: Studio Ghibli

▼ The Wolf Hair Clip (2,530 yen) completes the look.

All the outfits retail for 12,100 yen each (matching hair accessories sold separately) and can be found at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan and online from 1 July.

It’s a fun way to add some Ghibli magic to your everyday, and they’ll go well with any Kiki’s Delivery Service dresses you might have in your wardrobe as well!

Source: PR Times
Featured Image: Studio Ghibli
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