If you guessed the prank is that the model in this picture is actually a man, he makes no secret about that, and the real trick is something else.

Meet 19-year-old Yutaro, affectionately dubbed the “Genderless Male.” Originally an employee for the Osaka-based second-hand clothing shop Santoni Bunnoichi, the androgynous model has drawn a lot of attention through social media and television appearances over the past couple of years. In fact, any Instragram post of his is sure to be met with a stream of women in the comments section bemoaning their complete and utter defeat to his charismatic looks.

▼ Japanese media have referred to him as “more female than any female.”

Therefore, it’s probably no surprise that Yutaro enjoys dabbling in women’s clothing from time to time, which he can of course pull off effortlessly. Compare his more traditionally masculine appearance with some of his feminine charm below.

Finally onvinced of his ability to blur gender lines? Now get ready for his April Fools’ Day prank.

Earlier this month, Yutaro appeared in an online ad for a new line of Primavista foundation, from cosmetics company Sofina, in which he donned a cute bob-cut hairstyle and flawless skin. Anyone who didn’t immediately recognize him probably assumed he was a woman at first glance. However, the point of the prank was not to trick viewers about his gender. See if you can detect something fishy in his own Instagram post on the subject:

▼ “Everyone, listen up! I can’t believe it, but this time I, Yutaro, have been selected to be the main model for Kao Sofina’s Primavista brand! It’s for a new foundation nicknamed ‘Black Prima’ exclusively for crossdressing men. Search ‘Primavista’ for more details. More info will be out in a few days!”

…Did anything about that description cause you to do a double take? After having his fun, Yutaro posted a follow-up message with a small confession:

“Hi again! The label ‘exclusively for crossdressing men’ is actually an April Fools’ Day joke. However, this ‘Black Prisma’ foundation really is going to go on sale! I got to try it myself and its coverage is not that shiny so even men can use it comfortably. Today Primavista will start taking web pre-orders. It’s really not sticky and stays smooth all day long.”

Primavista also got in on the fun by apologizing for their little prank. They reiterated that the product really is set to go on sale on May 15 and that both men and women are sure to love its non-oily feel:


You heard it, men–Black Prisma is an inclusive foundation! Keep that in mind next time you need to cover up some blemishes.

If you’re a fan of Yutaro’s gender-bending looks, be sure to visit his official website and follow him on Instagram for his latest work.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Instagram/@aaaoe_