Get ready for your daily dose of cute under this roof.

Japan loves their hamsters, and it’s not hard to see why. The furry little guys bring out the best in them, inspiring such priceless creations as miniature ninja houses,  Pokémon cosplays, and cheeky bags. In fact, hamsters seem to completely encapsulate the Japanese ideal of kawaii cuteness from the tips of their noses to the tails on their butts (speaking of which, did you know that hamster butt fandom was a thing?).

Unfortunately no hamster butts today, kids, but we’ve got something equally as adorbs courtesy of Japanese Twitter user @1NORI–a hamster house with a hidden surprise! Make sure you turn your sound on for the full dramatic effect.

▼ (How I imagine all of the new college freshmen are partying at this moment.)

Gah! That roof was hiding not one, not two, but over ten little floofs. It’s like one of them used Double Team, or the Shadow Clone Technique! Actually, maybe their fuzzy-haired yellow pals could learn a thing or two from this skill–both the electric one and the one with a penchant for ramen, we mean.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@1NORI