Strongest woman in the world and special forces operative inspire intimate apparel options.

Japan’s Super Groupies fashion label has a penchant for infusing lingerie with anime visual cues, leading to its stylish bra and panty sets based on characters from the Evangelion, Utena, and Madoka Magica animated franchises. Now, though, Super Groupies’ designers are drawing ideas from video games with the release of a pair of lingerie sets based on the first two female martial artists in fighting game series Street Fighter.

As expected, the first is a salute to Chun-Li, one of the eight selectable characters in the original version of develop Capcom’s Street Fighter II, the classic which ignited the fighting game craze and set many of the defining characteristics of the genre which continue to this day.

In addition to her traditional blue and gold color scheme, Chun-Li’s bra incorporates her distinctive hair bun ribbons into the aesthetics with a pair of decorative shoulder strap accents.

The skirt features cheongsam-like slits and is removable.

The inspiration for Cammy’s lingerie set may not be as instantly recognizable as Chun-Li’s, but the right cup does sport the insignia for her special forces unit, which traditionally shows up on the beret the character wears. Her camouflage body paint is also used as a motif along the panties’ waist and lower hem of the bra,

▼ The two-piece design makes this more revealing than Cammy’s too-hot-for-cable-TV standard costume.

In the Street Fighter games, Chun-Li’s fighting style is no less kinetic than Cammy’s. For the purposes of their lingerie, though, Super Groupies went with a sportier paradigm for Cammy, giving her a wireless bra and making her set from a cotton/polyurethane blend, as opposed to the nylon/polyurethane of Chun-Li’s set.

Cammy’s set is also a little cheaper, priced at 7,800 yen (US$71) while Chun-Li’s goes for 8,800 yen. Both can be ordered here directly from Super Groupies (which is also still taking orders for its Street Fighter sneakers) between now and September 18, with delivery scheduled for January, meaning customers will have them in their hands by the time the next Summer Comiket rolls around.

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