Sexual appetites of anime and manga fans are served by very different “meals.”

One of the biggest changes to the anime and manga industry over the past decade has been the huge increase in the number of titles aimed at women. That includes more female-oriented series with explicit sexual content, because sexual desire, and a willingness to pay to see it unleashed in 2-D form, isn’t exclusive to male otaku.

That said, there are still some broad differences in how male and female fans like their sexy scenes, or “H scenes,” as they’re called in Japan, packaged and delivered. Japanese Twitter user @nekotaro21 recently pontificated on the subject with a pair of illustrations. Let’s first take a look at the description of sexy manga for women, which @nekotaro21 compares to a fine multi-course meal.

First, a series of scenes showing two characters’ daily lives, behavior, and the circumstances that establishing their relationship with one another.

This is followed by a selection of events that build up towards the consummation of the relationship, as though a chef were arranging the components of a meal on dish in an attractive manner.

Only then is it time for the main course: the sex scene.

And finally, to cap the experience and leave a pleasant aftertaste, some scenes of pillow talk and other events that give he reader an impression of where the couple’s relationship will go from there.

@nekotaro21 keeps the metaphor consistent when depicting H content for male fans, but instead of a fancy meal served in stages, the representation of sexy manga for guys is…

Sex scenes!!!!!!!!!!

a jumbo-sized pork cutlet bowl, or katsudon, with a heaping helping of sex scenes for readers to gorge themselves on right from the very start.

In the end, one style can’t really definitively called better than the other, since pornography is like food in that there’s no accounting for individual taste. Just remember that, regardless of your gender, it’s always important to remember good table manners.

Source: Twitter/@nekotaro21 via Jin
Images: Twitter/@nekotaro21

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