Usually when I think of pork, I think of a delicious salty-yet-sweet meat that will one day lead to my first and third heart attacks. I never really took the time to think about the elegant back story that goes on around the slaughterhouses… Excuse me, how gauche; abattoirs of Japan.

Luckily, Japan’s Silky Pork is bringing all the drama and intrigue of the pork product industry to the forefront in a sexy new online manga series. Titled Four Men of Pigs: The Silky Porco Story, it’s kind of like popular soap Dynasty, only with pork, the legendary Pig of Happiness, and a discernible lack of any female characters.

The basic plot of Four Men of Pigs is laid out on the Silky Pork website:

The story follows Silky Porco, a wealthy pig farmer in Italy. It was decided that he set out in search of the ‘Pig of Happiness’ in accordance with ‘The Legend of Porco House’ passed down from his ancestor Susu Porco. His instructions are to find the ‘Four Men of Pigs’ using the keywords star, knife, and golden land. His first destination is Japan.

It is said that the Pig of Happiness can be found by uniting the power of the Four Men of Pigs. However, the road is quickly getting steeper and full of mysteries. Will we find the identity of the Pig of Happiness in the end? Start reading all 10 chapters to find out!

Wow! Who knew the meat business was so full of adventure! Although the story is 10 chapters long, as of this writing only three are available with the rest presumably being unlocked gradually. They are:

Chapter 1 – The Legend of Porco House
Chapter 2 – An Encounter with the ‘Star’
Chapter 3 – Meeting Chester White

Each installment is full of magic, suspense, and sexual tension – which is odd since there are hardly any women present in the story at all. These themes have leaked out into Silky Pork’s promotional stickers on their packages of pork products.

Pork: “If you buy this pig meat, I’ll give you a kiss.”
Tweet: “What’s up with this pork?”

I used to buy pork simply because it was delicious, but now that I know I’m supporting the Porco House’s pursuit of the Pig of Happiness I’m going to eat it every day! Personally I could do without the kisses from that guy, but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

Maybe then when Silky Porco finds his Pig of Happiness he finally can settle down and find a nice girl to marry. I wonder why a handsome and rich young guy like him hasn’t already…

Source: Silky Pork, Twitter via Hamu Soku (Japanese)