Entertain your guests with a bird that slowly unfurls its wings and flies towards the waxing moon.

When it comes to Japanese desserts, a tremendous amount of effort is put into making them look appealing. Whether it’s the humble daifuku resembling a snowball, or a crystal-clear block of jelly made to look like a cube of ocean sea floor, these eye-catching confectionery can be a great addition to any pantry.

In that same tradition, Japanese sweet maker Nagatoya has designed a jelly dessert called “Fly Me to The Moon” that may just be the first of its kind. It comes in a block, and cutting a slice reveals a depiction of a blue bird and a crescent moon with a twilight background.

▼ A tea time conversation starter for sure.

As more slices are cut off the block, the bird slowly unfurls its wings and drifts toward the moon. The yellow background gradually recedes and ushers in a light blue night sky, creating both a unique visual impact and a subtle change in flavor.

Red bean jelly makes up the upper and lower portions of the confectionery, and the upper region has pieces of cranberry, Japanese walnut, and raisins set in it. The clear section in the middle is a champagne jelly with the signature lemon-flavored blue bird and moon inlays.

▼ The wonderful dessert comes in a gorgeous box featuring brightly-colored
blooming flowers, designed by award-winning artist Reika Masuda.

▼ Japanese Twitter user @mkn33 made a recent purchase
and shared pictures of the mouthwatering dessert.


This unique confectionery is available at Nagatoya’s online store for 3,500 yen (US$31.70). Due to an unexpected overwhelming demand, delivery to Japanese addresses may take up to 10 days from the date of purchase.

If you’re planning to surprise guests with a snazzy treat, we can’t recommend “Fly Me to The Moon” enough. It may come with a hefty pricetag, but it’s worth it for the wow factor, just like a Frisbee-sized giant dorayaki.

Source: Nagatoya via Twitter/@mkn33
Top image: Nagatoya