The singer strips off to show her appreciation for room scents and fabric softeners.

American songstress Katy Perry is known around the world for her hit songs, extravagant costumes, and her bad blood with fellow singer Taylor Swift. Here in Japan, though, the 32-year-old performer is becoming known for her love of local reed diffusers and fabric softeners, thanks to a new commercial being broadcast to television screens around the nation from 8 September.

Take a look at the short 15-second version of the commercial below.

The full 30-second version of the commercial, dubbed the “story commercial”, shows Perry getting her glamorous gear off and changing into a comfy robe.

Laundrin’, which bills itself as a “fabric and air care brand” has teamed up with the well-known singer to promote their new line of reed diffusers and fabric softeners, which were released in stores around Japan on 1 September.

The new commercial comes hot on the heels of Perry’s latest studio album Witness which was released in June this year.

In the ad, Perry can be seen returning home to her mansion, where she breathes in the scent of her palatial surroundings before stripping off and changing into a comfy pink robe. Perry’s song “Act My Age” can be heard playing throughout the short clip.

The star then gives us a display of her pancake-flipping prowess at the end of the video.

In addition to the new commercials, the makers of Laundrin’ are also featuring Perry on their social media accounts, showing three sides of the singer in the roles of celebrity, musician, and all-American girl-next-door.

Given Perry’s immense popularity in Japan, even with big-name celebrities like Becky and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the new products from Laundrin’ are bound to fly off the shelves.

▼ The American singer-songwriter also has a lot of love for Japan and its stars too.

With dates yet to be announced for Perry’s Japan leg of her Witness concert tour, Japanese fans of the star will no doubt be filling their rooms and laundry loads with the scent of Laundrin’ while they wait for her to arrive in the country.

For more details about the campaign, head over to the Laundrin’ site here, and to see what other international stars have been getting up to in Japan, you might want to check out Justin Bieber’s ad for Softbank and Jude Law’s epic Pepsi campaign featuring the origin story of a Japanese demon.

Source, images: @Press