But will it give us the buzz we need? 

Our resident Starbucks reporter K. Masami is used to sipping on sweet dessert drinks at Starbucks, but lately she’s found herself craving beverages with a little more of a kick to help her get through the workday.

So when she heard that her favourite coffeehouse chain added a new Triple Espresso Latte to the menu from 22 September, she immediately grabbed her wallet and headed down to her nearest branch, eager to find out if it would give her the buzz she so desperately needed.

▼ The Triple Espresso Latte is available in a tall size only, priced at 495 yen (US$4.52)

As the name suggests, the new beverage contains three espresso shots, which is three times more espresso than a regular latte, and the same amount as what you’d get in a Venti-sized latte. It looked a lot darker than the other lattes on the menu, and in real-life it was equally rich in appearance, creating a great contrast between the frothed milk on the surface of the drink.

Instead of sweetening, a small amount of classic syrup is added to the latte to help “accentuate the contours of the espresso”. When Masami took a sip, though, she couldn’t really taste the syrup, as the aroma and flavour of coffee really stole the show, with the espresso content making her eyes snap wide open in an instant.

This was certainly the type of afternoon jolt she’d been hoping for, and with the cogs of her brain now whirring at fast speed, she began to wonder why Starbucks had decided to add such a strong coffee to the menu.

She picked up her phone and contacted a rep at the company and asked them exactly that, and this is what they had to say:

“Because the drink contains three espresso shots, it’s ideal for those times when you want to sharpen your mood.
Plus, a number of our Starbucks latte customers already like to add an extra espresso shot.
I heard that it may become a standard product in the future, and it’s an added bonus that you can enjoy it both hot and iced.”

From the sounds of it, Starbucks wanted to give those extra-shot-loving latte customers even more of a jolt to the system, and they’ve been able to achieve that with a drink that’s not just caffeine-rich but incredibly well-balanced too. 

The taste and aroma of espresso remained strong until the very last sip, and now that Masami has gone over to the dark side, she fears she may never be able to return to regular lattes ever again. That’s okay, though — with the Pumpkin Spice Latte still on the menu, she’s bound to retain her soft spot for sweet milky beverages.

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