Savor a syrupy signature Japanese flavor with this new frappe — before they’re all gone!

Matcha is one of the most distinctive flavors Japan has to offer—a rich, grassy tea with a deep and alluring emerald hue. Bitter and rich, once tempered with enough sugar it can serve as a base for all manner of delectable desserts. Many family restaurants will offer up a matcha latte as a staple beverage, and now McDonald’s Japan is taking that one step beyond for its comparatively swanky McCafé by Barista properties by adding their Uji Matcha Frappe to their regular menu.

440 yen (US$4) for a medium, 490 yen (US$4.45) for a large.

That’s enough cause for celebration on its own, but participating McCafés have even more matcha planned for the menu. Stores are currently promoting their newest concoction, the Kuromitsu Uji Matcha Frappe. Though this one comes with a caveat—patrons will only be able to gorge themselves on its gorgeous green glamor until mid-October, when it will vanish into the ether like a youkai spirit on a chilly autumn night.

490 yen (US$4.45) for a medium, 560 yen (US$5.09) for a large.

Not only is this temporal treat crafted with Uji matcha, the veritable cream of the crop when it comes to this specific brand of tea, but it’s drizzled thoroughly with kuromitsu (literally black honey). Kuromitsu syrup is made with rich brown sugar and has a distinct, toasted sweetness that adds a layer of elegance to any dessert. The parfait is also loaded with thick jelly cubes at the base made from that same rich brown sugar, and the creamy whipped topping is infused with that same treacly goodness.

Just like the matcha is sourced from Uji in Kyoto, the brown sugar used for the kuromitsu syrup and jellies is cited as being imported from Okinawa—the birthplace of many brown sugar desserts. It seems that this new drink is well on its way to being another delicious luxury drink without a luxury price tag!

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Japaaan Magazine
Images: McDonald’s Japan

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