Promises the great taste of tonkotsu ramen, in a pudding!

Of the many ramen broths in Japan, tonkotsu (pig bone) is a standard due to its delicious saltiness and savory aroma. It goes great with tender noodles and an array of vegetables and spices. However, we all have probably wondered at some point in our lives, “Why can’t I enjoy this deliciousness in a creamy milk-based confectionery?”

Our writer Ahiruneko has at least, so he tracked down Tonkotsu Pudding. This snack is not available in stores though – Ahiruneko had to order it online from Glow Foods. Cups are 345 yen (US$3) each plus shipping which is a little pricey for pudding, but not outrageous for such a unique taste experience.

Ahiruneko ordered a two-pack which arrived in a classy box labeled with the slogan: “Joke? No, seriously.”

It arrived frozen, but according to the distributor it was fine to eat Tonkotsu Pudding in a frozen state like ice cream…that has been seasoned with pork bones. Unable to handle the suspense any longer, our writer decided to go ahead and crack one open in a semi-frozen state.

Lest he forget what he was eating, a chocolate bone sat on top of the cup like a smack in the face. It was a little unnerving at first, but there was no turning back now.

There was no pork smell coming from the pudding, but that was no surprise as the pudding’s odorlessness was boasted on the box. The only way to tell what it would be like was to taste it.

Ahiruneko was taken aback by how normal Tonkotsu Pudding actually tasted. Aside from a distinct saltiness, there wasn’t any meaty flavor to be had. It was just like really good pudding. He could only assume that the tonkotsu melded in with ingredients of the pudding seamlessly.

In that way the slogan “no, seriously” took on another level of meaning. After eating it one might suspect the whole “tonkotsu flavor” was just a gag, but Glow Foods wanted to remind you that it “seriously” had pig bone inside.

Ahiruneko also followed the serving suggestions on the box and had his Tonkotsu Pudding in three stages. First, he tried some plain. Then, he added some crushed caramel candy to give it a little texture.

Finally, he drizzled on some caramel sauce for a thicker snacking experience. It was all great though. There was no question that this was awesome pudding. However, it was pretty much like normal pudding, and when reflecting on the price he had paid for it, Ahiruneko wondered if it was really worth it.

Nevertheless, it could make for a nice gift that surprises at first and also doesn’t disappoint in the end. However, if you want to experience a more ramen-heavy pudding experience, you’d be better off making your own pudding ramen instead.

Source: Tonkatsu  Pudding
Photos: SoraNews24

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