With three unique box designs and eight toys to collect, this is one of the cutest character collaborations we’ve ever seen!

Funassyi is an adorable Japanese mascot character who unofficially represents the city of Funabashi, in Chiba Prefecture. The yellow pear-fairy has become so popular in recent years that it’s appeared in a number of TV programs and commercials, released a CD and even starred in its own anime series.

▼ If it’s your first time seeing Funassyi, you can find out all about the non-gendered mascot in this TV appearance below.

As testament to its popularity throughout Japan, an entire Happy Meal range from McDonald’s has now been created in its honour, and the cute toys in the collection perfectly match its crazy, hyperactive, enthusiastic personality.

▼ The first set of toys, on sale from 16 September, include: a “Donald Funassyi ” that runs on wheels and a plain Funassyi that pops up, which it’s been seen to do in real life.


▼ And there’s also a couple of Funassyi dressed in McDonald’s crew uniforms, with the one on the left featuring a lens that reveals four different scenes inside, and the one on the right scooting around on its bottom.


▼ From 23 September, four additional toys will be released, including an adorable “Dancing Funassyi”…


▼ A Funassyi playing hide-and-seek…


▼ A cheeky Funassyi, popping up from behind a pack of fries…


▼ And a Funassyi that gets clamped under a bun at the flick of a switch.


▼ The Happy Meal sets will also come in adorable new boxes featuring the funny character.


▼ Customers who purchase a Happy Meal on 17, 18 and 19 September will also receive an exclusive sticker set.


That’s a lot of love for one crazy pear character! The limited edition range will be on sale at McDonald’s store around the country from 16 September.

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Top Image: McDonald’s Japan (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: McDonald’s Japan