Now you’ll think twice about throwing out old cardboard boxes!

It was in his younger years, at the innocent age of 21, that Mr. Sato first learned of the benefits of cardboard from a mysterious old man he met in Tokyo during a hitchhiking trip. “It’s warm if you wrap yourself up in cardboard to sleep,” he was told, and from that point on he had dreamed of one day making a toasty yet fashionable cardboard outfit.

Well, his wish has finally come to pass!

Not very confident in his cardboard-working skills, Mr. Sato decided it best to invest in a cardboard mannequin kit to get him started.


Without wasting any time, Mr. Sato set to work assembling his cardboard mannequin clothes. All he needed were scissors and glue to put it together, but it was pretty awesome-looking once completed, like a polygonal video game character come to life!


While glue wasn’t technically required, Mr. Sato used some hot glue to help secure all the pieces. And since there really wasn’t much room for a human body to fit inside, he used some tape to flatten the flaps and open up as much space as possible.


Then it was time for the moment of truth, the moment Mr. Sato had been waiting for all those years! Mr. Sato readied himself to try on his dream outfit – his cardboard masterpiece!

But wait! There was a problem. It…it wouldn’t fit! He had poked his head into the tunnel of success, but his shoulders kept him from passing through to victory. Not one to give up so easily, Mr. Sato tried a different route…


Alas! The sweet taste of success would not come easily, and the road to cardboard fashion was blocked by the girth of his derrière.


It was then that another writer chimed in with a brilliant idea: Why not wear the mannequin as pants, and create a top out of the extra cardboard?

We love your thinking, Mr. Nakazawa!


The poncho-like top with broad shoulder accents really ties the whole outfit together. Mr. Sato was over the moon with how the outfit turned out and was ready to take to the streets to proudly show off his new design, when…


RN24’s Japanese editor-in-chief, GO, stopped him. Worried that the amount of skin showing was a little too risqué for public spaces and might draw the attention of the police, he added a couple modest details to the look, with a chic black undershirt and a smart-looking beret.


Mr. Sato was a little bummed that he couldn’t let the cardboard design express itself on its own, but in all honesty, I think the addition of the shirt and beret help draw attention to the cardboard details.


As he began his catwalk down the city streets, he found that the cardboard pants made the walk a little less “cat-like” and a little more “dachshund-with-short-legs-like”. But who ever said that looking good was easy?


Don’t worry, Mr. Sato. You own that look! Work it!


Destination? Paris Fashion Week (eventually). First stop? Why, Starbucks, of course!


The front stairs gave him a bit of trouble, as he wasn’t able to lift his legs high enough to reach each step, so he headed around to the side entrance where the stairs were smaller and was finally able to get into the store.


An air of calm settled over the Starbucks as all eyes turned to look at Mr. Sato, a god of fashion. It was the awe and appreciation for cardboard that he had hoped to bring to the people of Japan.


With a warm cup of coffee in hand and joy in his heart, Mr. Sato emerged from Starbucks (sideways, as his magnificent shoulder-spears wouldn’t allow him through the door facing forward).


While sipping his exceptionally delicious coffee of success, Mr. Sato daydreamed of the impact his new design would have on the world of fashion and the fame to follow.


To Fashion Week, Mr. Sato! Or, maybe just back to the office for more shenanigans.

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