Coming to Japan on winter vacation? Don’t forget your passport, or your local Frappuccino guide.

It might sound strange to recommend Starbucks as a sightseeing destination in Japan, but if you’ve got a love of tasty beverages, the coffee house’s Japanese branches certainly qualify as something to put on your itinerary. Starbucks Japan has a revolving menu of Japan-exclusive menu items, particularly Frappuccinos, so it’s worth popping into one of their locations at least once during your trip to Japan.

At the moment, though, Starbucks Japan offers nine different Frappuccino flavors. Some of those overlap with the blended beverage the chain sells overseas, and some you can’t get anywhere else, so to help you choose, we’ve prepared a photo dossier of the Japanese Frappuccino family, as well as a chart ranking them by richness and calorie content (just like we did last spring).

▼ The newest addition to the Frappuccino lineup is the limited-time Matcha & Fruity Mascarpone (left), seen here with the standard Matcha Cream and orthodox Coffee flavors

▼ Next, from left to right, the Dark Mocha Chip, Dark Mocha Chip Cream, and Caramel Frappuccinos

▼ And last, Vanilla Cream and Mango Passion Tea

So how do they all fit on the chart of rich vs. refreshing flavors, as well as high vs. low-calorie choices? Like this.

While the rich/refreshing rankings are based on our own subjective evaluations (although we do drink a lot of Frappuccinos, so we consider ourselves well-versed in their comparative qualities), we actually have numeric data to back up the calorie positions. The tall-size calories contained in each flavor are:
● Matcha & Fruity Mascarpone: 468 calories
● Dark Mocha Chip: 354 calories
● Matcha Cream: 342 calories
● Dark Mocha Chip Cream: 323 calories
● Caramel: 322 calories
● Vanilla Cream: 274 calories
● Coffee: 203 calories
● Mango Passion Tea: 120 calories

But with the highest and lowest calorie counts just 348 calories apart, as long as you’re doing plenty of walking around seeing the sights in Japan, we say you should be fine just ordering whichever one you want during your trip.

Calorie source: Starbucks
Images ©SoraNews24
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