Colonel Sanders has been kind to his finger-lickin’ customers this New Year.

It’s a hard time for fast food lovers resolving to eat better at this time of year, as big international restaurant chains in Japan continue to destroy all our healthy eating resolutions with fukubukuro lucky grab bags filled with coupons and exclusive goodies.

While some fast food chains like to fill their bags with lots of limited-edition merchandise, KFC is keeping things simple by offering a 2,500-yen (US$22.18) fukubukuro that concentrates on enhancing the finger-lickin’ fried chicken-eating experience for their customers.

Inside this year’s lucky bag is one of KFC’s most rare and coveted items: a bottle of their famous Honey Maple Sauce. After first appearing in their 2015 lucky bag, the bottled sauce became so popular that they decided to release it for sale in limited quantities during the year. Since then, it reappeared as the star of last year’s fukubukuro, so fans will be thrilled to know that they’ve got another chance to receive a bottle of the famous sauce in this year’s lucky bag too.

And of course, customers need something to pour all that sticky sweet sauce on, so KFC has included five coupons for free two-piece fried chicken sets, valid until the end of June.

There’s also a discount coupon sheet, offering reduced prices on a variety of menu items, which can be used any number of times until the end of February.

And of course, there’s the cute cotton tote bag, which changes year by year, although the insulated insert to keep your fried chicken warm is a handy staple that’s usually included with the tote. This year’s version is one of the best designs we’ve seen, steering clear of the company logo and opting for a cute cursive version of their company name instead.

The KFC bag represents great value, especially for fried chicken lovers who will be able to reap their savings with the unlimited-use vouchers for the next two months. Plus, the inclusion of the rare Honey Maple Sauce in a bottle makes this a fukubukuro that’s definitely worth buying!

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