Looks like Taki’s crush got stolen from right under his nose.

After the comet incident in the hit anime-movie Your Namethe highest-earning anime of all time, main protagonist Taki can be seen getting to grips with his side of reality trying to find a job in Japan. Taki’s crush Miki Okudera waved goodbye to him during one scene, and the dazzling wedding ring on her finger alerted viewers that she was, in fact, happily married to someone.

With no solid evidence to clue us in, most viewers had no inkling as to who Okudera’s significant other might be.

However, the answer could be found in an exclusive pamphlet featuring a collection of interviews with various staff working on Your Name, including its famed director Makoto Shinkai. One of the pamphlets found its way into the hands of avid fan @yuuka1382, and she shared the answer that everyone’s been dying to find out.

▼ The Q&A section of the pamphlet
reveals everything. (Translation below)

“By the way everyone, I want to draw your attention to the final cafe scene where Taki and his two friends were job hunting, particularly Tsukasa’s left ring finger. Think about what I’ve said. Yes, there’s only one answer. Taki’s best friend, Tsukasa, is Okudera’s partner.”

While this may seem like wild speculation — both characters might be engaged to different partners after all — the next juicy piece of information can be found in the tweet’s pamphlet text.

Since it’s from an interview with Makoto Shinkai himself, it provides the most compelling evidence that the two characters are more than simple friends:

“Question: During the final moments when the three friends were hunting for jobs, Tsukasa has a wedding band on his ring finger. Did he get married when he was a student? Is it possible that Okudera is his partner?

Answer: You’re a sharp one! It’s a little backstory, but Tsukasa and Okudera were engaged.”

▼ Are you kidding me?!

Looks like our bespectacled devil’s cover is blown! Not only did Tsukasa sweep Taki’s crush off her feet, he had the gall to do it right under his nose.

Japanese netizens were rather shocked at the revelation:

“What a way to get NTRed (a slang used to describe a woman seduced away from the protagonist).”
“I knew it!”
“Yup, he totally got NTRed.”
“So did they got it on at the inn back then or what?”
“And to think that I liked Tsukasa….”

Despite everything, we’re glad that viewers of the anime finally have closure on Okudera’s partner, though we wish the producers would have made it a little clearer. All’s well that ends well, but let’s hope they include more clues about those two for viewers in the Hollywood live-action movie remake.

Source: Twitter/@yuuka1382 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@yuuka1382
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