Or, if you want to be really unique, snow toilets and urinals.

In Japan, the standard snowman design is pretty simple: just two icy spheres stacked up on top of each other. Going to all the trouble of making three balls of snow is seen as the foreign way to do it.

That doesn’t mean that Japanese snow sculptors are lazy, though. They just channel their creative energies into making things other than snowmen. Like snow Pokémon, for example.

With heavy snowfall across much of Japan earlier this week, there was plenty of frosty material with which to make a snow Eevee, like the one above. Franchise mascot Pikachu, or course, was also well-represented.


▼ Bulbasaur may be the least popular original starter Pokémon, but someone still loves him.

Mimikyu’s fake smile is always a little chilling, but especially so when rendered in ice.

Moving on to another anime icon, working with frozen slush can make sharp angles hard to reproduce, but that’s no problem when your muse is cuddly Studio Ghibli star Totoro.

▼ Even Totoro looks surprised at how colorful that umbrella is.

▼ Totoro, cosplaying as Ghibli brethren No-Face

▼ Totoros inside another Totoro?!?

If you gravitate towards more action-packed anime, there’s also this icy recreation of Dragon Ball Z villain Frieza.

And if you need even more edginess, there’s irreverent self-proclaimed “shitty anime” Pop Team Epic’s wide-eyed schoolgirls.

And if that’s still not shitty enough for you, how about a snow toilet?

▼ But…how do you flush?


▼ Considering how cold weather makes people have to pee, it’s a brave move building a snow urinal outside your house, since we can’t help but wonder if passersby were tempted to use/melt it.


Unfortunately, the forecast is for sunshine the rest of the week in Tokyo, but hopefully we’ll get at least one more snow day before spring so that creative fans and inspired sculptors can show off their skills again.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@project_eevee