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Pikachu’s old Pokémon rival isn’t going to let him hog all the cuddly spotlight.

While they’re both adorably non-threatening in appearance and personality, there’s actually sort of a long-standing rivalry between Pokémon’s Pikachu and Eevee. After the release of the Pokémon anime, Pikachu became such a wildly popular character that Nintendo released a special version of the franchise’s original Game Boy game, titled Pocket Monster Yellow, in which the world-famous series mascot is usable right from the beginning of the adventure. Meanwhile, an Eevee is what the player character’s rival starts off with.

So when merchandiser Bandai released its Pikachu PC cushion this summer, perhaps we should have realized it was only a matter of time until Eevee followed suit.

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As has become standard for Bandai’s line of ergonomic stuffed animals, Eevee’s pillowy keyboard can be detached, transforming the cute office aid into a pure plushie and also allowing you to use the wrist rest by itself.

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▼ Perfect for getting some work done.

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▼ Perfect for playing some patty-cake.

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▼ Perfect for shirking responsibility by saying “Sorry, I can’t write that report because Eevee needs to use the computer right now.”

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The Eevee PC cushion is priced at 5,616 yen (US$55), with domestic orders being taken here through the Premium Bandai website until October 31 and shipping scheduled for shortly thereafter in November. If you’ve already bought the Pikachu version and are wondering whether the two Pokémon will be able to get along, put your mind at ease, as the smiling illustration of the two on Eevee’s keyboard shows that they’ve buried the hatchet and become good friends.

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After all, they need to keep up a united front in competing against Digimon.

Source: Nijimen
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)

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