The six secret talismans from the movie contain hidden meanings for your future.

Fans of Japan’s hugely popular Studio Ghibli animation house will know that Donguri Kyowakoku, which translates to the adorable-sounding “Acorn Republic“, is the place to go for all sorts of weird and wonderful Ghibli goods.

This retail chain is where you’ll find exclusive products like voice-activated Laputa pendants, coin-munching No Face piggy banks and umbrellas that reveal secret designs in the rain. Now, from this month, it’s also the place to have your fortune told by No Face, one of the most memorable characters from the hugely popular film Spirited Away.

This new item comes in three different designs, featuring different versions of No Face. From left to right of the image below you can see: No Face with his ravenous mouth pulled into a satisfied smile, No Face with arms, and No Face baring his teeth.

In the movie, this mysterious character is known for conjuring up gold pieces, and this product replicates that same magical ability, by hiding a bright gold-coloured talisman inside the belly of each No Face figure. You won’t know which lucky item you get until you look inside the product, but it will be one of six items seen in the film.

On the top left of the image below is the River God, which indicates that small deeds can be fortuitous, and on the top right is the Wooden Talisman, which bestows a variety of virtues. On the middle left is the Roasted Newt, a sign that you have the ability to charm everyone, while on the middle right is the Green Frog, who comes with the message that good things will come to those who practice self-control.


On the bottom left of the image above is the Stone Man, who warns that it’s best not to get in too deep, while the Onigiri Rice Ball on the bottom right is an indicator that someone will appear to save you.

The talismans themselves come in the form of netsuke, miniature sculptures that were first invented in 17th-century Japan, which usually appear at the end of a cord hung from pouches.

Hiding a talisman at random inside the belly of No Face gives these figurines an omikuji-style flair – just as the fortune-filled boxes at Japanese shrines and temples allow you to pick out an omikuji fortune at random, these No Face products offer the same experience, as you won’t know what your future holds until you look inside!

Each figurine retails for 800 yen (US$7.10) each and can be purchased at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around the country from late December.

Images: PR Times

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