Turns out that sci-fi horror blends surprisingly well with the fantastical world of Japanese animation.

Although American TV series and Japanese anime are worlds apart, bridging that gap with a crossover can sometimes yield awesome artwork appreciated by viewers of both.

But what happens if you combine the mystical and magical worlds found in various Studio Ghibli productions with the contemporary science-fiction horror of Stranger Things? While they seem to possess totally different elements that wouldn’t mix well together, some artists have convinced us that the concept not only works, but is utterly brilliant as well.

Spanish T-shirt designer @SaqmanDesign is one such artist who uses the art style of Studio Ghibli to cleverly portray the entire Stranger Things cast.

▼ We just love how Max Mayfield is depicted as the lovable Ponyo.

Perhaps the favorite candidate for this mashup is My Neighbor Totoro, and other artists show us how they pay homage to both incredible shows: by featuring them in a creepy crossover.

▼ Waiting for the catbus just got more terrifying.


▼ It’s amazing how Totoro can be both cute and scary at the same time.

▼ Things take on a sinister tinge in the world of Upside Down.

Eleven floating in a sensory deprivation tank would make the perfect Sheeta from Castle in the Sky, or The Demogorgon as No-Face from Spirited Away. There’s so much more potential out there for artists to tap into, and as the Marvel and Attack on Titan crossover has proven, smashing two dynamite franchises together really works.

Source: YomYomF
Featured image: Twitter/@IstharVegaLuna