Exclusive cherry blossom items you won’t be able to find anywhere else! 

Ever since the Starbucks Roastery opened in Tokyo, we’ve been treated to all sorts of ultra-exclusive goods and menu items that you just can’t buy anywhere else. This year, the megastore is continuing the trend for cherry blossom season, and they’ve gone all out with the sakura celebrations, giving us everything from stylish tumblers through to sakura cocktails, baked goods, and even delicate jewellery.

There’s a lot of gorgeous goods to choose from this year, so without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s on offer, starting with the exclusive drinkware collection.

1. Starbucks Reserve mug sakura (355 millilitres [12 ounces]) 3,000 yen (US$28.58)
2. Starbucks Reserve stainless tumbler sakura (473 millilitres) 4,400 yen
3. Starbucks Reserve double-wall glass pink sakura (296millilitres) 3,200 yen
7. Starbucks Reserve leather key chain pink cherry 3,000 yen
8. Starbucks Reserve cooler bag navy 3,200 yen
9. Starbucks Reserve northeast cotton rug cherry 5,500 yen

The above items will be available from 15 February at Starbucks Roastery Tokyo, where customers can purchase up to 10 items per person, and Starbucks Reserve stores, where customers will be limited to one of each product on the first day of sales.

The following items, however, can only be purchased at the Starbucks Roastery Tokyo:

4. Starbucks Reserve Roastery stainless steel strap bottle sakura (355 millilitres) 4,600 yen
5. Starbucks Reserve Roastery handle glass sakura (355 millilitres) 2,800 yen
6. Starbucks Reserve Roastery pleated mug sakura 2021 pink (355 millilitres) 3,000 yen

The Roastery Tokyo will have even more exclusive sakura items, including some cherry blossom jewellery.

Seen in the image above (left to right) are:

  • Starbucks Reserve bracelet (Colours: Silver/Pink Gold/Gold) 13,000 yen each
  • Starbucks Reserve necklace (Colours: Silver/Pink Gold/Gold) 15,000 yen each
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery pleated mug cherry 2021 Navy (355 millilitres) 3,000 yen
  • Starbucks Reserve leather key chain navy cherry 2021 3,000 yen

The above items also go on sale from 15 February until sold out. Up to 10 items can be purchased per person, with customers limited to one Starbucks Reserve Bracelet/Necklace per person on the first day of sale, then up to 10 items per person after release day.

It’s not just goods on offer either, as the menu will be blooming with pink treats as well. As in previous years, the Roastery Tokyo will have some exclusive sakura tipples spread out over the different bars on site. At the main bar on the ground floor there’ll be the Sakura Macchiato (900 yen), which includes a strawberry cream topping and a pale pink colour to resemble “a cherry blossom in full bloom dancing on the wind”.

At the first-floor Teavana bar, customers can get a taste of the following tea-infused beverages, which have been appearing on the menu in previous years:

▼ The Blossoming Sakura (800 yen)

▼ The Sakura Allure Cascade (950 yen)

▼ The Teavana Cream Soda Sakura (900 yen)

And up on the second floor Arriviamo bar, customers can enjoy the Starbucks Reserve Sakura Cask Coffee (2,000 yen), a cocktail inspired by the cherry blossom copper cask seen at the coffee roasting area on-site, and the Ruby Berry Blossom (2,000 yen).

▼ Sakura Cask Coffee

▼ Ruby Berry Blossom

Over at the Roastery’s Princi bakery, there’ll be a variety of baked goods celebrating the blossoms as well, with special sakura-infused Italian treats like (below, left to right): sakura cupola (380 yen), sakura cornetti (420 yen), sakura torta (720 yen) and sakura maritozzo (420 yen).

That’s a whole lot of sakura to eat, drink and collect, and you’ll only have a short time to do it all too, as the exclusive goods and menu items will only be available for a limited time, until sold out. And over at regular Starbucks stores, there’s a whole other collection of limited-edition cherry blossom drinks and goods to entice you as well!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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