Twitter user finds way to make winter more enjoyable… or possibly less enjoyable depending on who you are.

The less snowbound areas of Japan really know how to make the most of their occasional dumpings of white powder. While many are just content making a fort or snowball fight, those in Tokyo and other urban areas are busy making snow Pokémon, Hachiko clones, or girlfriends.

And then we have this…

▼ “I filled up my parent’s car.”

The picture shows a car’s windshield covered in disembodied white faces staring out and challenging anyone who dares drive their newfound home.

At the bottom a mask can be seen showing how these faces were molded. It appears to be a type of wooden mask used in Japan’s traditional theatre Noh. Dating back nearly 700 years, noh involves actors wearing different masks to identify their characters gender, age, species, and more.

▼ The facial expressions on these masks change depending on the angle you look at them

And when filled with snow they make a great surprise for your parents when they wake up to go to work the next day. I can’t help but imagine staring at the vehicle trying to think of a way to gracefully remove the dozens of human faces from my car without looking like a lunatic to my neighbors.

In the case of Twitter user “Skull” (@skull0502), it had snowed more overnight giving the work a more ghostly appearance.

The vandalistic visages racked up over 70,000 likes and comments such as:

“It’s even more scary when they melt a little.”
“It looks like a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engines.”
“Guaranteed trauma.”
“It looks like Nohmen Joshi No Hanako.”
“How many souls did that car claim?”
“I wonder how long that took. I can imagine feeling really satisfied when it’s done.”
“Interesting but creepy.”

There were also several comments calling this a “pakutsui” which is a shortened version of “pakuri tweet” or “rip-off tweet.” Sure enough, two years earlier Twitter user Kyo pulled the same eerie stunt.

However, it doesn’t seem fair to call Skull a rip-off since he seems to have made it himself just taking the idea from someone else. Calling him a “rip-off” would be like calling everyone who made a snowman ripping off the original neanderthal or whoever did it first.

Fun activities like decorating cars with snow faces of the damned is something that should be undertaken freely by everyone until it becomes a part of our shared winter wonderlandscape.

Leave all that talk of intellectual property rights to big snow over in Hokkaido with their projection mapped Final Fantasy battles and C3-P0s and whatnot.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@skull0502