Power of love gets an assist from the power of creativity for heartwarming shared bicycle ride.

There’s a certain special romantic atmosphere that comes from being out in the snow. Whether you and the object of your affection are strolling through a frosty urban cityscape, taking in a view of natural beauty, or just building some snow Pokémon together, the warm feelings in your hearts can ward off the chill in the air and make for a memorable moment you’ll always cherish.

This is something Japanese Twitter user @onigirishouta is well aware of. With snow falling across much of Japan on Monday afternoon, @onigirishouta knew the scene was set for him and his sweetheart to walk home from school hand in hand, or perhaps to have her ride on the back of his bicycle, embracing him from behind. There was just one problem.

@onigirishouta doesn’t have a girlfriend.

The obvious solution, therefore, was to make a girlfriend, which @onigirishouta managed to do before heading home. That’s not to say that he’s a smooth-talker or otherwise in possession of expert-level courtship skills, though, since he literally made himself a girlfriend…

…out of snow.

“I’ve got no girlfriend to hold hands with on the walk home,” @onigirishouta tweeted, “so I made one out of snow and we went home while sharing the bike.”

Commenters chimed in with:

“This is a great idea. Mind if I copy it?”
“How heartwarming! Iyasaremashita.”
“Hope that next time you, and a girl, and the snowgirl can all ride together.”
“It’s nice how you make sure to pedal smoothly so it won’t fall off.”
“I wonder if it’ll turn into a real girl?”
“So where’s the video of you and the snowgirl kissing?”

In response to that last question, @onigirishouta said that he’s not sure which side of the snowgirl is its face and which the back of its head, so no smooching took place. He does admit that although he’d have preferred to have had a real girl riding with him, he’s at least got a friend (who’s also a guy) who’s enough of a pal to film the video for him. And besides, with all the admiring attention his tweet is getting, maybe he’ll meet that special someone through his newly expanded circle of acquaintances.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@onigirishouta