We hate to break it to you, but you’ve been eating bags of chips wrong your whole life

Every now and then we at SoraNews 24 like to provide our dear readers with a healthy dose of cruel reality to make sure you’re not embarrassing yourselves in front of company during culinary situations. Previous tips we’ve shared involve things that you’ve most likely been doing wrong this whole time, whether it’s eating sushi or removing the sticky wrapper from packets of natto (if you can eat fermented soybeans in the first place!). But rest assured, brilliant readers, because these little faux pas aren’t actually as big a deal as we’re making them out to be–half the time Japanese people are in the exact same boat!

Today, we’d like to share with you another extremely simple yet ingenious lifehack for eating potato chips in Japan that’s quick and efficient (though we’d have to guess that it could apply anywhere, and with more than just chips). Originally shared by Twitter user @KTA009, the tip has already garnered over 183,000 likes on Twitter in just a few days.

In @KTA009’s sample photos, he demonstrates the strategy using a regular bag of Calbee potato chips. Calbee is one of the biggest producers of snack foods in Japan and is known for their daring potato chip inventions (or monstrosities, depending on how you view it), including “pizza potato,” “wet chips,” and “funazushi” (aka smelly fermented sushi flavor, for all intents and purposes).

Check out his tip and simple instructions below:

 ▼ “Whoever thought up this way of opening the bag is a genius.”

“1. Open the top of the bag.
2. Without opening the bottom edge, fold it inward and upward at the center.
3. Continue folding while gently pushing the bag’s contents upward so that both sides are of equal length.

You don’t need a plate. It’s easy for everyone to grab the chips. The bag is very stable. In other words, it’s pretty perfect.”

While it’s unclear whether the Calbee potato chip bags are actually made to be used in this manner and most of us have just been snoozing this entire time, a whole slew of net users were positively awed by this nugget of wisdom. After all, why eat chips in the “old-fashioned” way of reaching inside a bag laying on the table and risk more fingers than necessary accidentally brushing against smelly sushi seasoning?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@KTA009