We’ve missed you, Kentucky Fried chips.

I’ve had a lot of good days at work since I started writing for SoraNews24, but one of the best was the day I got to professionally eat a bunch of KFC-flavor potato chips. I’m not just saying that because I managed to parlay that taste-test assignment into being able to drink bourbon while on the clock, either. The collaboration between KFC Japan and Japanese snack maker Calbee really did result in some uniquely tasty potato chips.

Sadly, KFC potato chips haven’t been available in stores since 2015. So maybe there’s a bit of an apology for having kept us waiting so long wrapped up in how now that they’re finally coming back, Calbee is releasing not just one, but two different KFC-flavor chips.

The first is KFC Original Chicken Flavor, which Calbee says recreates the taste sensations of the fried chicken recipe created by KFC founder Colonel Sanders all the way back in 1940, staying true to the near-century of tradition it embodies. Alternatively, for those craving more heat than history, there’s the KFC Red Hot Chicken Flavor, with white and red pepper plus habanero chili. Both flavors were supervised and approved by KFC Japan, to ensure fans of fried bird will be suitably satisfied.

Calbee hasn’t publicly announced a suggest retail price, but given that the KFC potato chips will be sold in Japanese convenience stores, we can reasonably expect that they won’t be more than a few hundred yen. Both flavors go on sale July 8 and are scheduled to be available until mid-August. Limited-time flavors like these usually come with the caveat of “or while supplies last,” though, so you’ll probably want to grab your bags early.

Source, images: PR Times
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