Racks up more than 13,000 subscribers in three days after debut with her cheeky channel.

Popular Japanese virtual YouTuber, Kizuna Ai, may be the reigning virtual queen of quirky videos with her bubbly personality and existential A.I. crises, but her competitors are already working hard climbing the same gilded ladder to fame.

Enter Chiyu, a Japanese virtual idol who has been sporadically delivering news involving games, anime and manga since 2001. The website on which she provides amusing commentary lists her as 12 years old, and on Valentine’s Day this year, Chiyu has officially made the jump to the YouTuber profession.

▼ Her favorite hobby is playing mahjong, as evident from the large tile
hanging from her hair when she explains Weekly Shonen Jump‘s golden age.

Envious that Hatsune Miku and other virtual YouTubers have legions of devoted fans creating beautiful fan art and videos of the idols, Chiyu took matters into her own hands by becoming one of them instead.

Despite Chiyu having only seven videos in her channel at the time of this writing, the budding anime girl virtual YouTuber has already amassed more than 13,000 subscribers within three days after her debut.

For a seemingly innocent YouTuber, Chiyu’s channel debates startling topics like penile measurements, Showa-era pornographic books, or reviews of sex-filled B-grade movies, all narrated using speech synthesis software. So be forewarned, some of her videos are not things you’d want to be caught watching at work or in class.

▼ Although her other videos where she discusses topics like
big names in the anime industry are perfectly fine.

Hopefully she’ll trend away from the more racy topics and gain more fans and momentum as her website articles get turned into videos, a move Chiyu has been planning for some time now.

And as long as she avoids the disastrous pitfalls made by other anime girl virtual YouTubers, we’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before Chiyu joins the ranks of those she has admired for so long.

Source: Chiyu, YouTube/Virtual Net Idol Chiyu via IT media
Top image: YouTube/Virtual Net Idol Chiyu