Japanese fans go crazy as their favorite anime girl YouTubers become come to sexy life.

The reigning queen of virtual YouTubers, Kizuna Ai, has continued to entertain her massive following ever since her debut more than a year ago. But fans were recently surprised to find out that she, along with Japanese virtual YouTuber stars Luna Kaguya and Mirai Akari, would be cosplayed by alluring adult video actresses in a porn shoot.

One could say that it was only a matter of time before such a combination began floating in everyone’s minds, but perhaps the most important question is whether the actresses would pull it off nicely.

▼ We certainly think they did!

Miku Abeno donned the silver tresses of Luna Kaguya, while Aya Sazanami took center stage with Kizuna Ai and Aoi Akane nailed Mirai Akari’s signature blue outfit perfectly.

▼ Virtual YouTubers have a soft spot for delectable snacks.


▼ Aoi Akane and Aya Sazanami were having a ball of a time.


Japanese netizens were quick to voice their appreciation:

“You are all so cute. Miku was working hard all the way.”
“Cosplaying sure is fun.”
“Wow you girls look great!”
“Ngyaaah! Miku Abeno and Luna Kaguya is the best combination ever.”
“A big thumbs up to you having to stay up until dawn to finish the shoot.”

Total Media Agency (TMA), the adult video company behind the shoot, will be releasing the trio’s cosplaying escapades within a month for fans to enjoy. Behind all the cute anime girl graphics, it’s a little surprising that some of virtual YouTubers turn out to be middle-aged dudes, but this is Japan we’re talking about, a country where ultimately cuteness trumps everything else.

Source: Twitter/@abenomiku via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@abenomiku