Colorful spring creations from Kyoto green tea confectioner are not only sweet to taste but a delight to behold!

It may not quite yet be cherry blossom season in Japan, but it certainly looks like spring has arrived at Japanese tea and confection specialty store Gion Tsujiri. The 158 year-old Kyot0-based confectioner, known for their unique tea-themed sweets (and even beauty products), have just released a new line of mouth-watering seasonal spring treats. Let’s take a look at their eye-popping new offerings:

● Nene Float (780 yen [US$7.34])

This matcha-based dessert beverage features green tea topped with soft serve matcha ice cream and sprinkled with small colorful rice crackers known as “bubu” crackers in Kyoto. The treat is completed with a serving of dango dumplings in three colors and a dollop of red bean paste. The limited edition item is available at the Gion Tsujiri group’s Saryo Tujiri Kōdai-ji location.

● Spring-colored Soft Serve Ice Cream (Haruiro Soft) (650 yen)

This beautiful offering in delicate pastel colors is made with Gion Tsujiri’s popular matcha soft serve ice cream covered in a generous serving of sakura-flavored whipped cream, all topped with colorful dainty konpeito sugar crystals, green tea-flavored castella sponge cake, and a lovely pink-colored cracker with Gion Tsujiri’s logo printed on it. The tempting sweet is available at Gion Tsujiri’s main branch in Gion.

● Sakura Soft Serve Ice Cream (470 yen) and Condensed Milk Sakura Soft Serve Ice Cream (520 yen)

Who doesn’ love the cold sweetness of soft serve ice cream? This season, Gion Tsujiri is serving up the treat in a simple sakura flavor or with a serving of condensed milk and matcha green tea cream poured on top of it. The brightly colored ice cream is available at the Gion main branch and Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit branch.

So, do the new items make you hungry for sweets? All three offerings are now on sale but for a limited time only, with no announcement on how long they’ll be available, so you’ll want to check them out sooner than later if you’re in Kyoto and looking for a taste of Japanese spring!

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Source, images: PR Times