Fishing enthusiasts–do you think you have what it takes to beat this extreme “God-level fishing game”?

I’m not really one for fishing. Maybe it’s the tedious wait involved, maybe it’s the uncertainty if anything’s going to nibble at all, but if someone begins talking to me about how much they love the art of wrangling in a big one, I immediately feel like a fish out of water (pun intended).

Maybe what I need is just an added layer of excitement to spice up the wait. If that’s the case, I’ll be sure to download the mobile device fishing game shared by Japanese Twitter user @SenBarou which recently created quite a buzz on the Internet after his awestruck comment and gameplay video:

“I may have downloaded the most god-level fishing game ever…”

The video starts off fairly calm, with the small red bait lazily flowing underwater. All of a sudden a silver fish chomps down on it and is subsequently tugged above water.

As soon as the fish catapults above the surface, everything turns chaotic. The music escalates, the reel spins wildly, and the player begins monitoring the fish’s remaining HP and line tension using the screen meter. A curvaceous, bespectacled beauty also materializes in the lower corner of the screen to provide guidance and encouragement.

But that’s not the real shocker. About 40 seconds into the video, just as the fish’s HP is almost completely whittled down, a giant shark leaps out of nowhere and snatches the fish in a torrent of spray and blood! Now the player has to contend with the added tension and try not to break the line. Great, just great…

Around the one-minute mark, your guide announces “It would be nice if we had some friends…,” and seemingly without waiting for a response enlists the help of two other apparent fishing experts named Eva and Angela. Eva first unleashes her hidden weapon (spirit animal?), a giant whale who breaches directly onto the shark and tosses it into the air like a minnow. Angela then unleashes what looks to be a water cyclone to further the conquest.

Finally, the screen flashes “SUCCESS” as the shark’s HP drops to zero and the music erupts into a chorus of cheers. Your guide congratulates you with the message, “Awesome! To think that you would catch a great white shark! You’re amazing.

@SenBarou shared his further thoughts in another tweet that illustrated some of the other surprising twists in the gameplay:

“I laughed at the sound effects in the promotional video, but it’s super amazing how your friends will rush to your aid with things like a machine gun and attack with thunder.”

By the way, the game is known as Fishing Strike in English and can be downloaded from Netmarble’s website for either iOS or Android here. Might we suggest giving it a try if you’ve always wanted to try extreme fishing from the comfort of home?

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@SenBarou